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Whether you are looking to take your meditation practice deeper on your own for several months in solitude, or simply take time alone in nature, off-grid and away from technology, you can create your own Solitary Retreat at The Hermitage and find exactly what you need.

The Hermitage offers high quality, simple cabins and rooms for practitioners seeking peace and contemplative silence. Each space is private and unique and offers unparralleled views of Lake Atitlan and its surrounding volcanoes.

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Built mostly from natural materials, the cabins are light and spacious, designed intentionally for the purpose of retreat. Each has a bedroom, lounge, fully-equipped kitchen, balcony and private gardens and each comes with a private eco bathroom with solar shower.

Retreaters may make use of the large permaculture gardens for practice and contemplation, and will find many beautiful hidden meditation spaces amognst the gardens and in front of the lake.

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  • Every week a Temazcal (Central American Sauna)

  • The Water on the entire property is filtered

  • Morning Practice of around 1.5 hours from Monday to Saturday

  • Medition Hall available for personal practice

  • 24h Security on the property

  • Paddle Board 

  • Vegetarian Kitchen (Vegan & Gluten Free options)

  • Retreat Support & Holistic Therapis (optional)

  • Acess to our own library

  • Acess to our extensive garden and privat lake access

  • Tea Station 

  • Acces to our First Aid Kit (Natural and Medical Version)

All cabins offer private kitchens for self-catering, or practitioners may choose to have their meals delivered to their door from The Hermitage homestead kitchen. The private rooms and dormitory do not have a kitchen, but do share a small tea station where hot water can be boiled to prepare teas from The Hermitage’s Herbal Tea Garden.


The Hermitage family is at the center of this beautiful property and the children are a part of the natural environment. The family welcomes practitioners seeking inner silence, or an integrated ‘practice community’ and accepts all traditions and practices.

Forest Cabin

Our large Forest Cabin is beautifully designed and posititioned for solitude.  It is in a very private part of the property, surrounded by a bamboo forest and boasts stunning private views to the lake. Downstairs kitchen, lounge and practice space, upstairs loft bedroom. Private eco bathroom and shower. Fully equipped kitchen and beautiful private balcony to look over the lake.

Lakeside Cottage

Our Lakeside Cottage is a gorgeous, spacious home on the lake front with several secluded personal gardens. The raised bedroom at the back of the house looks onto the nautral wood kitchen and comfy lounge area, and opens out to the private balcony with incredible views to the lake and cherry trees. Private eco bathroom and outdoor solar shower. Fully equipped kitchen.

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Tree House

This incredible Tree House is built almost entirely from bamboo and has three levels – with a beautiful round bedroom, lounge and kitchen downstairs wrapped around the trunk of the tree, two meditation platforms twenty feet above the coffee plantation below, and a seperate upstairs Temple Room for practice with a wrap around couch, altar and fairy lights. The Tree House has a private eco bathroom and solar shower outside and also several levels of private gardens. The Tree House has incredible views of the lake and volcanoes from up high in the air.

White House

Our beautiful Casa Blanca is a large home set at the top of the hill with a complete view from east to west of the crater, volcanoes and lake. Watch the sun and moon rise over the mountains from the balcony, or enjoy a fire in the brick fireplace on rainy evenings. Fully equipped kitchen, dining room, lounge and bedroom, all open plan over several levels and all built from natural materials. Private eco bathroom and solar shower. Large garden area with cherry and banana trees.

Private Rooms

The Private Rooms at The Hermitage offer an incredible view across the lake and gardens. There are three rooms next to each other facing the view; each with a comfortable single bed, arm chair, side table, shelves, altar and a balcony. We have one larger room with two single beds which can be shared by two people for a retreat. The Private Rooms share a seperate eco bathroom and shower.


Our dormitory is comprised of four individual beds, each made with bamboo and wood and created in “capsules” so that each bed is completely private. The beds are fitted with high quality mattresses and all look out across the gardens to an uninterrupted view of the lake and volcanoes. Cupboards, shelves and hooks are provided for each bed.

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Solitude is when the entire universe seems to surround and hold you quietly.’

– Victoria Erickson


sweat in our


At the Hermitage we have recently built a Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) which means the “House of Heat” and we offer it every Sunday evening for our clients for free.

It cleanses the respiratory system removes toxins from the body. It improves the blood flow and provides personal growth through overcoming challenges. 

It’s also a fantastic preparation for the Dark Retreat and can be booked for an additional cost at any time personally.

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Enjoy the beauty and stillness of the lake on our paddleboard. The three volcanos are called Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro which are right in front of you.

The same time the beauty of the natural scenery and the water will calm your mind and give you a sense of spaciousness. 

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