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The Hermitage is a family owned retreat center founded by Severin and Emma Geser, who are both committed meditation practitioners and qualified meditation and yoga retreat leaders. They offer their beautiful property up for all those looking for solitude and peace.


Originally from Switzerland, Severin is a dedicated meditation practitioner and a passionate Astrologer who loves to share his wisdom and hold space for those who are ready to begin their own journey. He spent fourteen months as an ordained monk in a monastery in Thailand, one year as an Ashtanga Yoga teacher at a center in Colombia, and two years in and out of extended silent meditation retreats and a three month Meditation Teacher Training Course at Hridaya Yoga before co-creating The Hermitage with his wife on Lake Atitlan.



Emma is a New Zealander who is deeply passionate about Advaita Vedanta and the Self Enquiry Method of Ramana Maharshi. She immersed herself in his teachings for four years, spending a large amount of those years in silence and contemplative retreat, before creating The Hermitage. Emma also has degree in Art and Creative Writing and loves to share her insights through poetry and prose. She is also a graduate of the Hridaya Yoga three month intensive Meditation Teacher’s Training program and lives now in New Zealnd with her two childeren.


Founders of


what you are looking for


– St Francis of Assisi

Several years ago we were seeking a place to go to be completely alone in silent meditation, supported by a beautiful natural environment and nourishing food.


We discovered that this was hard to find (particularly unconnected to a religion or tradition).


So we created it for ourselves… and now we want to share it with you.


– Albert Einstein

It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.’

Hermitage Family


What we are offering is unique and requires trust. That’s why every email and reservation goes through Ingrid who is originally from Guatemala but has travelled the world and worked in many different retreat centers. Ingrid lives in San Juan and is answering every request personally and taking care of you. Thanks to her your requests gets answered immediately and you know that we care about your individual journey that lies ahead of you with us.



Your comfort and safety matters that’s why we offer a personal driver that is waiting for you at the Airport and brings you directly to our Retreat Centre.And there is no better person than Tony to bring you safely to our place.Tony is not only a driver but he also is studying psychology and will make your travel a delight. He speaks English, and will either give you the space you need or engage you in a interesting conversation and make time disappear and give you the perfect introduction before you even have been at the Hermitage. Book his service with us directly or organize your own transport to come to us at Lake Atitlan.


The Hermitage Team

the hermitage


At the Hermitage we have recently build a Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) which means the “House of Heat” and we offer it every Sunday evening for our clients for free. The Temazcal is part of the Mayan culture since centuries and has many benefits. It cleanses the respiratory system removes toxins from the body. It improves the blood flow and provides personal growth through overcoming challenges. Ceremonies usually last for two or more hours and are typically led by a sort of spiritual leader called a shaman or temazcalero.

It’s also a fantastic preparation for the Dark Retreat and can be booked for an additional cost at any time personally.

the hermitage


Enjoy the beauty and stillness of the lake on our paddleboard. The three volcanos are called Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro which are right in front of you.

The same time the beauty of the natural scenery and the water will calm your mind and give you a sense of spaciousness. 

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