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what is included


  • Guided Meditation

  • Guided somatic meditation

  • Sound bath

  • Guided relational communication exercises (dyads)

  • Relaxing and revitalizing yoga

  • Breathwork

  • Embodiment practices

  • Emotional Discharge practices

  • Time for walks in the beautiful nature of the surroundings of lake Atitlán

  • Tantric Rituals

  • Shamanic Rituals

  • Community living

  • Optional temazcal sessions

  • Group excursions to nearby sites

  • Three delicious vegetarian meals per day (Dinner at arrival on January 16, breakfast at checkout on February 6)

  • Accommodation in either the dormitory, private room or private cabin

Transformational Retreat with Katrin Piepenbreier & Severin Geser
16th January - 6th February 2023


Difficult times require profound practices based on self-love, self-knowing, equanimity and resilience. It is essential to connect with our heart and follow its calling, freeing the body and heart from the emotional armor that prevents one from giving and receiving the depth of love we all desire. Learning the art of patience, true listening and adaptability enables one to remain centered and organically let go of what no longer serves.


This 21-day journey is a pilgrimage to your very core. It is a profound journey of self-exploration: rejuvenating the body, clearing the mind, and opening the heart to undivided self-acceptance. You will learn to honor and recognize the connection to all life through an attitude of gentleness towards yourself and others through a wide variety of heart centered modalities such as meditation, profound communication exercises (dyads), conscious movement, somatic experiencing, ceremony and ritual, breathwork, yoga, psychodrama therapy, prayer and physical detoxification that invites one to experience one's innate sense of freedom.


  • learn how to let go of shame and guilt

  • cultivate a loving understanding of your own conditionings and wiring by past experiences and upbringing

  • go beyond victimhood and passivity

  • transform past hurt, old wounds, and self-sabotaging patterns into revelations of profound love and trust

  • claim your responsibility for your life 

  • learn to express, process and resolve your emotions fully in a supportive environment

  • commit to love in its purest expression and practice noticing when you’ve forgotten love

  • learn how to relate with yourself and others in a small, intimate container of max. 16 participants


This journey can bring up difficult emotions. A person should feel comfortable in the setting and feel ready to face surfacing wounds, unprocessed emotions and deeper layers of oneself. A commitment to personal development and going beyond personal limitations is required.

Hello, I'm Katrin!

Being a former project manager in an advertising agency, I know how difficult it is to slow down and connect with our hearts. 2016, I therefore dedicated my life to explore ways to foster this connection. These days, I am an international teacher, mentor, and artist supporting beings in embodying their most authentic spiritual expressions in this human reincarnation. My aim is to introduce somatic-based tools to embody Love and deepen one's capacity for intimacy and connection to enable people to create the lives and relationships they yearn for. 


Out of my own deep love for various teachings I came across, I am nowadays bridging feminine spiritual practice, sacred sexuality, conscious relationship, somatic awareness techniques, self-inquiry, meditation, Hatha Yoga and ritual in my offerings.

My teaching style is grounded, innovative, deeply mystical, evocative and rooted in fierce love to wake the innate wisdom within each of us.

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The cost for the retreat, including all meals, accommodation and teachings is as follows:
DORM (Four private beds, shared bathroom) – $1950 USD

PRIVATE ROOM (One bed, shared bathroom) – $2650 USD

TREE HOUSE & COTTAGE (Private house for one person, private bathroom) – $3350 USD

FOREST CABIN & CASA BLANCA (Private house for one person, private bathroom) – $3550 USD

Hello, my name is Severin.

I left Switzerland in 2008 where I worked as an Accountant and ever since have dedicated myself to the exploration of the Self.
In 2009 I was living and studying for one year Ashtanga Yoga with my teacher Carlos Holguin in Colombia. Shortly after I spent over a year as Buddhist Monk in a controversial Monastery in Thailand. I traveled further and dedicated myself to intensive studies of the Kabbalah at Las Piramides in Guatemala. That's also where my fascination for Astrology arose. I did numerous silent retreats with Hridaya in Mexico and have been working at their center for several years. Through the teachings of Sahajanada I got introduced to the Dark Retreat . 

In 2014 me and my partner bought land in Guatemala and started to build our first Dark Retreat which was the beginning of the Hermitage. Ever since we have been guiding and hosting, Silent-, Dark- and Group Retreats here at Lake Atitlan.


The Hermitage is a family owned retreat center founded by Severin and Emma Geser, who are both commited meditation practitioners and qualified meditation and yoga retreat leaders. They live with their children on the shores of Lake Atitlan and offer their beautiful property up for all those looking for solitude and peace.